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Distinguish true superstars from great actors and motivate your employees to have fun doing their best on the job.

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Our experience has taught us that DISC by itself can be misleading, StrengthsFinder is too general for our purposes, and what is learned from Myers-Briggs assessments can be thought-provoking but are rarely applied.

Instead, our MANAGEtoWIN Talent Assessment Services use a combination of DISC (behaviors) and PIAV (Personal Interests, Attitudes, and Values – the driving forces behind their behaviors). You also have the option of considering a person’s natural skills / competencies with our Triple Perspective assessment.

Why guess how to motivate your employees to perform their best? Our Talent Assessment Services tell you what you need to know.

You can confirm how well job candidates and employees match your needs, each job role, and your company culture. What you learn also improves personal fulfillment and increases productivity of employees as they work together.

For Individual Employees

Learn how people prefer to be managed, motivated, and work with peers by understanding their behaviors and motivators assessment.

For Work Groups

Increase productivity, passion and personal fulfillment by helping people work better as a team and respect the differences of others.

For Leadership Teams

Improve effectiveness, efficiency and focus so leaders work better together to achieve more in less time and with much less drama.

For Entire Companies

Improve communication, passion and productivity as you fully engage your employees based on their primary motivations and natural strengths.

DISC Evaluation and PIAV Motivators

How do you engage different people whose full skill-set is not apparent? How do you engage employees who are motivated by different things?

Our standard MANAGEtoWIN Talent Assessment Services include an online survey that takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. The end-result is a 40-50 page report about a person’s DISC behavioral style and PIAV-based driving forces that motivate those behaviors.

You learn about a person’s behaviors:

  • How well their behaviors match the needs of a job
  • Their behavioral strengths – where they should spend more time
  • Their behavioral weaknesses – areas they need to avoid and/or improve
  • How they work best with others

You learn about a person’s driving forces so you can:

  • Focus them on work that relates with their greatest passions
  • Create a self-motivating work environment where they love to do their best
  • Help them work more effectively with others by aligning their driving forces
  • Link the results you desire to what drives them to achieve

What makes our Talent Assessment Services different?

It's easy to offer a product, make a sale, and not engage with the customer.  We try to avoid that.

We want you to apply what you learn, rather than just have some fun, bonding experience and then nothing lasting is gained. This is why every MANAGEtoWIN Talent Assessment Service includes a consultation to review the information about the person with you.

  1. We provide a greater understanding of what each report says about the person.
  2. We explain how to apply what you learn.
  3. It is highly validated - Over 10 million of our surveys have been taken
  4. We consider this a service, not a product.  We advise you how to apply this information to:
    • Hire more superstar people
    • Benchmark top performers to hire and develop more people to perform at that level
    • Address specific communication, productivity and other employee challenges

It is costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not MILLIONS to fail in any of these areas. These costs add-up in lost productivity, lost opportunities, loss of top performing employees, loss of customers, loss of vendor funding or pricing, and more.

That is a lot of losses. Why delay when the costs in these areas are so significant?

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We recommend our full Talent Assessments for hiring, managing, and developing great people.

  • Full online survey with 40-50 page report
  • Summary report of how they want others to work with them
  • Our complete evaluation (email or phone) of their report
  • Our recommendation of how to work best with them, or hire them if a job candidate
  • Cubicle sign that displays their most intense behaviors and driving forces at a glance
Dual Perspective Service
Consultation, behaviors & motivators online survey and report.
Triple Perspective Service
Consultation, behaviors, motivators & skills online survey and report.


Assessments with Interview

If you want a full Talent Assessment plus our recommendations after an interview with your job candidate or employee, then choose one of these packages:

Dual Perspective Interview Bundle
Interview, consultation, behaviors & motivators online survey and report.
Triple Perspective Interview Bundle
Interview, consultation, behaviors, motivators & skills online survey and report.

Order multiple assessments for individuals, groups, or teams within your company by adjusting the quantity of each item in the shopping cart.


What’s the difference between a Sales and General Talent Assessment?

The Sales Talent Assessment offers two key insights on an individual’s sales aptitude that are unique from the General service:

  • Behavioral Selling Overview instead of a Behavioral Hierarchy (1 page)
  • Potential Strengths or Obstacles to Behavioral Selling Success (3-4 pages)

Do you offer Job Benchmarks?

Yes! We often benchmark a specific job, not just someone in the job. To do this, we force “the job” to fully reveal its needs, challenges, and potential through an interactive career position assessment process.

The result is a validated job profile to hire and fully engage a dream team of A-players who demonstrate prioritized, calibrated “dream team” performance behaviors, motivators, and competencies for the position. Learn more

What’s the difference between a Dual Perspective and Triple Perspective Talent Assessment?

Our Dual Perspective service confirms an individual’s driving forces and the behaviors that result from those motivations. You learn how to appeal to someone’s passions and avoid areas that do not interest them. For instance, one person may be very motivated to help others just because they love to be supportive, whereas another equally capable person only wants to help people who are hard workers.

Our Triple Perspective service goes a step further to help you better understand how to create a self-motivating work environment for yourself and/or others. Our Triple Perspective gives you insights into all three powerful aspects of how a person works – their driving forces, behaviors, AND competencies or skills.

Only the MANAGEtoWIN Triple Perspective service integrates a person’s current soft skills throughout the entire assessment report. The result is increased accuracy and a better understanding of where a person can be their best and do work that is most meaningful to them.


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