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CEO and Senior Consultant David Russell speaks at large and small events every year about managing with accountability and developing a positive company culture. Whether it's a small group meeting or a large conference, we love to share our expertise on hiring, managing, developing, and retaining great people.

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LEADERSHIP Essentials - What Every Leader Needs

Everything you do depends on your employees, but your systems for hiring, managing, developing, and retaining top employees are your weakest systems of all. Learn how others have developed and applied (1) the one common behavior of great leaders, (2) the two most important behaviors of successful leaders, and (3) the seven core LEADERSHIP Essentials' systems.

3 Strands Leadership for an Unbreakable Culture

You cannot motivate employees. You can only create an environment where employees motivate themselves. Dave Russell has invested the last 11 of his 40 year career developing three key attributes of GREAT leaders.  Learn not only what each of these leadership attributes are, but how to develop these habits so you can achieve anything.

Hire The Best & Avoid The Rest

What if everyone you hired was a superstar? It is possible to hire great people the majority of the time, it just takes a good system.  Should you develop talent or hire only seasoned professionals?  How come you hire Dr. Jekyll, but Mr. Hyde shows up instead? How can you improve your interview process?  Learn answers to these questions and more as Dave walks you through his proven 10-step hiring system and explains why the hiring process is the first step in building a thriving workforce.

Developing Strategic Plans for Every Employee's Success

Achieve record profits, retain top performers longer, and inspire rapid growth because your employees feel empowered and behave like an owner instead of just another worker. Learn how a "job description on steroids" is a key part of creating a company cutlure where employees understand their purpose and feel compelled to perform their best. Don't miss this opportunity to learn a proven system to better engage your people.

Know Your Employees and Clients Better Than They Know Themselves

Too often our hiring and managing is "hit and miss". Why is it so difficult to communicate and motivate? In this workshop, Dave Russell, "the Leadership Guy for technology entrepreneurs", will explain to you how to utilize DISC assessment effectively to better communicate and collaborate with employees and clients to achieve your greatest goals.

Define Your 20 Mile Challenge

In 1899 Roald Amundsend and Robert Falcon Scott raced to be the first to discover the South Pole.  Amundsen won with a disciplined routine centered on a 20 mile challenge.  Inspired by Jim Collins' book, GREAT by Choice, this session focuses on how to define your 20 Mile Challenge and develop a three-step action plan for implementation upon your return to the office.

Company Culture Cornerstones

Almost everyone thinks they understand a mission statement (WHY you are in business), vision statement (WHERE you are going or growing as an organization), and company values (HOW you do business)… but then why are some company cultures so strong and others are defined differently by most employees? One key reason is your mission, vision, and/or values are not infused throughout the fiber of your organization. This workshop helps you develop a Mission with a Purpose, Motivational Vision, and Non-Negotiable Values that restart your culture and catalyze a passionate team of top performers who are having fun delivering 5-star services.

True Pay for Performance

Pay for performance helps everyone think like owners. The challenge is moving people who are comfortable with high salaries and limited performance requirements to a balance of salary, benefits, and compensation based on delivering results. Hear Dave share what he has learned over the past 32 years in the tech industry about how your compensation plan reflects more of your company values than you may realize. Also, learn tips on how to transition to pay-for-performance and consider different components of effective plans.



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