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MANAGEtoWIN Launches "No Bad Bosses" Indiegogo Campaign to Revolutionize Leadership

Through this unique Indiegogo campaign, MANAGEtoWIN founder and "Leadership Guy" David Russell seeks to improve the culture and leadership of businesses everywhere, one bad boss at a time.

San Francisco, CA (CRANBERRY) June 18, 2013 – David Russell, author, "Leadership Guy" and CEO and founder of MANAGEtoWIN, announces the "No Bad Bosses" Indiegogo campaign launch.  Designed to rescue employees from bad bosses everywhere, Russell hopes the campaign will raise awareness of the global bad boss epidemic and fund his team's cure to transform bad bosses into great leaders. 

Unlike most Indiegogo campaigns, the "No Bad Bosses" campaign is not asking for funding for a prototype, but rather rewards supporters with proven services that improve their business or career.  MANAGEtoWIN's LEADERSHIP Essentials system has been refined over the past 11 years, and has been used by clients since 2006.  Clients have been successfully using MANAGEtoWIN software since 2008. 

"We challenge you to stop accepting bad bosses everywhere, including yourself," explains MANAGEtoWIN CEO and founder David Russell.  "Almost everyone can be a better leader. The more people use our solutions, the more powerful we can make them to help you achieve your dreams. Support our efforts to rescue employees from bad bosses and encourage leaders who have been procrastinating about improving their leadership systems to finally take action."

Offers for the Indiegogo campaign include the option to purchase a one-time perpetual MANAGEtoWIN license, a seven-day Maui, Hawaii LEADERSHIP Essentials Academy trip, "No Bad Bosses" buttons and t-shirts, leadership books and software packages, and specialized training and highly-intensive one-on-one help from David Russell himself.  To learn more, or to support the "No Bad Bosses" Indiegogo campaign, visit

“If you haven't already done so, talk to these folks.  The LEADERSHIP Essentials Academy, software, methodology and approach are second to none.  Truly, David Russell and his team are not to be missed if you’re looking to improve your business, processes, culture and your bottom line," says Jim Umenhofer, CEO of Matson & Isom Technology.


Automated Certification Is Here

San Francisco, CA (April 15, 2013) – Does it frustrate you when one of your people lets a key technical certification lapse, or a vendor requires one and you have to scramble?

Your days of frustration are over.  MANAGEtoWIN has launched a new software application named CERTLE (it’s no relation, but think “Yertle The Turtle” when you pronounce it) to manage your key vendor relationships and certifications.  Now organizations can track all vendor certifications and their status with a beautiful and intelligently designed interface. 

The beauty of it is the MANAGEtoWIN Client Services team enters all your vendor program and certification data for you – Microsoft, Cisco, HP, VMware…  Whatever vendor you want in their system, they add it for you as part of your setup at no additional charge. 

Are you tired of reminding your people to get their certifications?  CERTLE emails them reminders, and notifies you when they complete their certifications or fall behind schedule.

Do you want to manage your certifications in a solution that is integrated with your PSA?  CERTLE is integrated with ConnectWise and Autotask so service tickets are created when your people are assigned certifications.

Do you wish you could just see the status of all your vendor programs and certifications at a glance in a dashboard.  CERTLE provides that too.

Do you want more money from your vendors to create and close sales?  CERTLE is a great way for you to make certain that you have already qualified for the maximum amount of dollars you can receive.



San Francisco, CA (Feb 25, 2013) - “We are committed to providing our Clients a reliable, easy-to-use talent management system for their leaders, employees, contractors and volunteers,” MANAGEtoWIN CEO David Russell explained.  “As part of our ongoing efforts to improve service and increase uptime, we updated the sites of all our Clients this morning with a totally new generation navigation upgrade.

“The new look is very clean, fast, and appealing,” Russell continued.  “As part of this upgrade the Compensation Detail sub-section has been totally redesigned and rewritten to remove Silverlight coding.  This is where compensation is automatically calculated.  The result is significantly improved speed and an easier user interface.” 

“These changes require all MANAGEtoWIN users to access your site in IE 9 or higher, or Firefox 18.  MANAGEtoWIN also works on Chrome and Safari, however those platforms are as extensively tested as IE.


MANAGEtoWIN Integrated with ConnectWise

Orlando, Florida (November 8, 2011) – MANAGEtoWIN announced it is now offering a full integration of its talent management software into ConnectWise, the leading business management solution for service providers, MSPs, technology consultants, integrators, and developers.

“We are excited to partner with ConnectWise to help their customers to run their IT businesses better,” added David Russell, CEO of MANAGEtoWIN. “Our integration brings employee information, hours worked, utilization forecasts, and other key data from ConnectWise into MANAGEtoWIN.  Then our system can use that information to help ConnectWise partners pay their employees based on hours worked and utilization rates.  They no longer have to do duplicate entry of data.”

“In addition to this,” Russell continued, “ConnectWise partners can leverage MANAGEtoWIN to motivate employee performance like world class companies – in software.  MANAGEtoWIN allows them to set and track automated goals, write reviews in half the time, automate career paths, manage benefits, track job history, document positive/negative employee behavior, track recognition, encourage more pay-for-performance compensation, and much more.  We have dozens of ConnectWise partners that have been requesting this integration.  It’s exciting to introduce it at the largest IT Nation event ever.”

Russell and his team will be presenting the MANAGEtoWIN-ConnectWise integration in booth 604 of the IT Nation event in Orlando, Florida on November 8-12, 2011.  Special show pricing will be available to attendees and online during the show.

About MANAGEtoWIN - Talent Management to Improve Your World 

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We seek to be a movement rather than a product. Why?  When we help one person manage their people and priorities more effectively it not only improves their results on the job, but they come home each work day a happier person. This joy and feeling of self-worth makes them a better spouse, parent, family member, friend and community member.  We help one person at a time achieve their career objectives in the hopes of making the world a better place.  This is why we developed MANAGEtoWIN – to improve your world.  Visit or call (877) 228-3610 for more information.

About ConnectWise  

Designed exclusively for the IT Channel, ConnectWise is the leading business management solution for service providers, MSPs, technology consultants, integrators, and developers. Today more than 59,000 IT professionals rely on ConnectWise to achieve greater accountability, operational efficiency and profitability. ConnectWise fully integrates CRM, sales, help desk ticket and tracking, project tracking, IT service management, SLAs, dispatch scheduling, mobile IT services, time and expenses into a singular IT management software to dramatically streamline IT companies. Over the last 29 years, ConnectWise has become the premier business operating system for IT solution providers. ConnectWise APIs are accessed by over 300 organizations, including ConnectWise partners and industry leaders of the IT Nation. For more information visit or call 800-671-6898.  

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Contact David Reyes direct – or (877) 228-3610 ext. 1-129


MANAGEtoWIN Dashboard For Best Practices

MANAGEtoWIN has released a new dashboard real-time reporting landing page for the popular Best Practices section of its software.  This new functionality is live on all 150+ client sites.

“This new dashboard provides instant access to multiple saved reports,” explained David Russell, CEO of MANAGEtoWIN. “You can see the status of the best practice processes that have been assigned to you, multiple people or even by groups.  Then you can click directly through to the reports.  Our clients are very pleased to have this immediate access to the status of their best practices throughout their organization.”

MANAGEtoWIN Best Practices enable clients to define processes that work best in their organization and then extend them out to an unlimited number of people.  Each task of a process can have a reminder to remind people to complete their tasks.  Tasks and milestones can also have automatic notifications to supervisors that work has been completed and an approval workflow to confirm work is being done to company standards.  Popular best practices are goals, career paths, onboarding for new employees, certification processes and management processes.


About MANAGEtoWIN, Inc. (

MANAGEtoWIN offers an easy-to-use employee performance and human resource information management solution online to help companies increase employee accountability for results and fulfillment in their careers.  MANAGEtoWIN is low-cost and backed by a 30-Day Total Satisfaction 100% Money-Back Guarantee – even on services.  The company has grown over 300% in the last year, with its largest client employing over 7,000 employees in 30 countries and smallest client having only two employees. 

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