the No Bad Bosses Podcast

Hosted by CEO David Russell, the podcast features conversations with leaders and experts on how to be a great boss, how to hire great people, how to avoid common leadership mistakes, and how to avoid being a "bad boss".

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No Bad Bosses #15 - John Jackson

John Jackson is President of William Jessup University, a Christian college in Northern California. Prior to joining William Jessup University as its Sixth President in March 2011, John served as the Executive Director of Thriving Churches International and as a Senior Leader of Bayside Church, Granite Bay, California.

No Bad Bosses #15 - John Jackson


No Bad Bosses #14 - Nick Recker

Nick Recker is President of Path Forward, an IT service provider in Cincinnati, Ohio, with 270+ people that primarily serves physician practices. They support thousands of physicians across more than 20 specialties.

No Bad Bosses #14 - Nick Recker


No Bad Bosses #13 - Zack Schuler

Zack Schuler is the founder of NINJIO. NINJIO is a Managed I.T. Security Awareness solution that trains employees of organizations how to become more secure by using short animated and engaging security stories that are based on actual security breaches. Zach is an entrepreneur who has been in the technology space for over 20 years.  Zack started his first business (Cal Net Technology Group) when he was 21 years old, as a one-man network engineer going from business to business, assisting them with their technology.

No Bad Bosses #13 - Zack Schuler


No Bad Bosses #12 - Peter Fidler

Peter Fidler is President of WCA Technologies and has more than 25 years of IT experience. His expertise ranges from email systems to database applications to network infrastructure. With Warren Eng, he founded WCA Technologies to provide high-quality IT service to not-for-profit organizations, law firms, and a variety of small- and medium-sized businesses.

No Bad Bosses #12 - Peter Fidler


No Bad Bosses #11 - Stuart Crawford

Stuart Crawford is President and Chief Marketing Officer with Buffalo, NY-based Ulistic, a specialty firm focused on information technology marketing and business development.

No Bad Bosses #11 - Stuart Crawford


No Bad Bosses #10 - Curtis Crum

Curtis Crum is a CID Special Services Manager: Evidence, Forensics and Victim Services. He serves in this capacity and deals with Organized Retail Crime for the Boise City Police Department.

No Bad Bosses #10 - Curtis Crum


No Bad Bosses #9 - Bill Schwartz and Jeff Davidson

Bill Schwartz and Jeff Davidson are CEO and COO at Inter-Quest, a technology provider based in Wisconsin. Bill and Jeff started their company by creating a board game designed to teach people about technology. In the process they discovered they were better at helping people with technology than they were at creating board games.

No Bad Bosses #9 - Bill Schwartz and Jeff Davidson


No Bad Bosses #8 - Robert Betzel

Rob Betzel is CEO and Partner at Infinity Network Solutions, a network consulting firm headquartered in Macon, Georgia. Infinity Networks focuses on IP Telephony, Data Networking, and Business Continuity Planning. Rob Betzel is also co-author of The Company Culture Challenge book.

No Bad Bosses #8 - Robert Betzel


No Bad Bosses #7 - Steve Meek

Steve Meek is CEO and Founder of The Fulcrum Group, a technology managed services provider based in Fort Worth, Texas. Steve is also a Group Facilitator for the Ingram Micro Security Think Tank, a special interest group within the Trust X community that facilitates discussion and best practices ideas among leaders that provide technology security services.

No Bad Bosses #7 - Steve Meek


No Bad Bosses #6 - Marcus Bigelow

Marcus Bigelow has 20 years of experience in leadership and organizational coaching. He has helped hundreds of senior leaders and entrepreneurs maximize their leadership. As a Northern California / Sacramento Chair of Convene, he motivates and mentors CEOs, presidents, and business owners to increase their leadership impact, become better leaders, and grow their profitability through peer-to-peer collaboration and one-to-one coaching.

No Bad Bosses #6 - Marcus Bigelow

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