Talent management software with a complete performance management suite and human resource information system. Set and track goals, enter log events, create performance reviews, manage compensation and benefits, and produce detailed reports.

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Set clear, measurable goals

Reminders, notifications and approval workflow

Link employee goals to company objectives

Allow employees to update their goals on their own


See real-time status of goals and a history of performance

Performance Reviews

Cut review writing time in half with our Writing Assistant, sample forms, behavioral competencies, behavioral history and more.

  • Write comprehensive reviews in 15-30 minutes
  • Rate each competency on a pre-selected scale
  • Include notes on log events and goals
  • Request feedback from employees
  • Attach documents related to the review
  • Save important legal documentation


Create and manage multiple compensation plans to motivate people based on a variety of pay units and results-oriented criteria.

  • Define salary grades and unique pay units
  • Automatically calculate compensation ratio, projected earnings and total pay
  • Maintain a complete history of compensation per individual
  • Create compensation plans for roles in your organization and use them as templates
  • Export or print your payroll report for payroll processing

Benefits and Leave Entitlement

Post-It Notes, Excel spreadsheets, and your memory do not compare with automated absence tracking.

  • Set up multiple leave and benefit plans
  • Automatically calculate remaining days available
  • Track absences, detail, and comments for future reference
  • Maintain medical and insurance information in one place


Integrate ConnectWise with MANAGEtoWIN to sync employee data, hours worked, utilization rates, and other important data. Use MANAGEtoWIN to calculate compensation automatically.

Integrate Autotask with MANAGEtoWIN to sync employee data and hours worked. Use MANAGEtoWIN to calculate compensation automatically.


Create reports based on real-time data

Diplay your data visually

Trends, pies, plots, bars, funnels, and even 3D charts present your information in visually appealing ways.

Export or print in the format of your choice

Export reports as Microsoft Word/Excel, OpenOffice, CSV, XML, RTF or PDF.

Produce over 20 system reports

There are over 20 reports. Use them "as is" or edit them to meet your criteria.

Create as many custom reports as you need

Use roles & permissions to allow anyone in your organization to design, edit, use and share reports.


Key Features

Manage career paths
Create & share best practices
Write reviews
Track attendance
Track Benefits
Set Compensation, salary plans and grades
Individual Development Plans

Standard Appraisal Forms
Goal Setting / Tracking
Multiple Roles and Security

Customizable Fields
Customizable Functionality
Customizable Questions
Custom Reporting
Data Import/Export
Development Tracking
Email Notifications

360 Degree Feedback
Appraisal History
Compensation Management
Competency Management
Custom Appraisal Forms
Custom Rating Systems
Custom User Interface

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