Activate an integration to sync information with MANAGEtoWIN and/or Certle.


Integrations are now free per CEO David Russell's April 7th Announcement about integrations and price changes, all software integrations with MANAGEtoWIN and Certle are now included with your subscription. Enjoy!

We will be updating this page regularly with information about new integrations.

Price:  Free!

Integrate ConnectWise with MANAGEtoWIN so employee data, hours worked, utilization rates, and other important data does not have to be entered twice and compensation can be calculated automatically.

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Price:  Free!

Integrate Autotask with MANAGEtoWIN so employee data and hours do not have to be entered twice and compensation can be calculated automatically.

How can I add an integration to MANAGEtoWIN or Certle?

Integrations can be added in MANAGEtoWIN or Certle on the Integrations area in the software.  There are instructions in the Help section that outline the steps necessary to connect each integration.

When do integrations become available?

Every time we develop a new integration our customers are notified, this page is updated, and we send out a press release. To receive the fastest news and updates, please subscribe to our newsletter and/or visit our blog.

Can I develop my own integration with MANAGEtoWIN?

We are very interested in developing new integrations that enhance our customers' experience with MANAGEtoWIN. Please contact us and let's talk about it!

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