The primary cause of client complaints and employee issues is not technical skills. People perform poorly because they lack soft skills.

Your employees might be strong technicians, sales, or operations people, but they fail when their behaviors could be better.

Their failure damages client relationships, lowers productivity, motivates good employees to quit, and often costs $10,000 or more in just one month!

And that might be only one employee with poor soft skills.

The truth is every one of your employees needs to improve their soft skills for your company to be its best.

Source: "Here Are the Soft Skills Most Important to Your Business", Salesforce Blog, August 19, 2014.

What Are Soft Skills?

Soft skills are more about how you act rather than what you know.  Examples of "soft skills" are attitude, manners, collaboration, problem solving, conflict resolution, documentation, time management, and communication.

The world has changed.  Strong soft skills are now a requirement for highly profitable companies, not an option. 

Unfortunately, the majority of an IT managed service providers’ attention when hiring is each job candidates’ technical skills; and with existing employees, the focus of professional development is only to increase technical skills.

This is a big mistake.  As in all aspects of life, there needs to be a balance.

The truth is, these “soft skills” are just as crucial to business success as the more recognized technical, or “hard” skills.

44% of U.S. executives listed
soft skills
as their top concern about job applicants...

... twice the level of the second highest category, technical skills.


Employers are more concerned about weak soft skills
than low technical skills.

Inc. Magazine, February 17, 2016 - 2013 Adecco Staffing survey

A MUST For Every Employee

Dave's Charm School teaches essential behaviors your team needs to know to improve professionalism, work better together, and increase customer satisfaction.

These courses are a result of over ten years’ of work developing the soft skills of hundreds of I.T. help desk and field engineer employees and managers, plus other employees in their companies. Each course is designed specifically for managed service providers and other IT entrepreneurs. Every training includes accountability exercises to develop new habits and demonstrate them consistently.

Share them with your team, watch the training videos, and use the talking points to discuss how your company can improve. Onsite training is available.

Use Dave's Charm School to:

  • Traing a new employee
  • Address a specific weakness within a team
  • Help an employee improve a specific behavior
  • Reinforce your company values & culture

You pay thousands of dollars for technical and sales certifications, and/or for your people to attend industry events… but then your people make Clients upset.

Now is the time to invest a small amount of money to improve soft skills.



How long is each course?

Courses are 40 minutes to a little over 1 hour each.

Should I do an entire training at once with my team or an individual?

Dave’s Charm School challenges existing behaviors and deeply held habits.  We suggest you work with your team to train, discuss, roleplay, and pilot new behaviors based on 1-2 lessons of a course at a time.  Deeper training to develop new habits is more effective over time than speeding through the material.

Do we get any future updates?

Courses are updated on a regular basis. As long as you are subscribed to Dave's Charm School you receive the most updated course material.

Are there any limits to how many people can use these courses?

Yes, your subscription limits the amount of people at your company that can view courses and complete exams. Distributing the files or any links outside of your company and/or with people outside of your company violates your subscription.

Are these courses written specifically for I.T. / managed service providers?

 Yes.  Course materials and examples are related to real-life scenarios of our Clients.

What if we disagree with what is taught?

We are not aware of any instance where an I.T. / managed services provider has totally disagreed with anything in Dave’s Charm School.  However, we do encourage you to personalize each key training points by discussing real service tickets and typical scenarios that have occurred in your organization.  You may want your people to do things slightly differently, but Dave’s Charm School remains a great tool to have those discussions of how your organization is unique.  Also, we welcome any feedback, so please feel free to send your thoughts and suggestions to

How do we judge the ROI of Dave’s Charm School?

Soft skills are often not directly related to revenue, costs, and profits, but soft skills hugely impact your financial results.  We recently read a lament of an executive recruiter who had a brilliant candidate who was unplaceable because no one wanted to work with him.  Even though brilliant, it was too costly to deal with his lack of soft skills.

Here are a couple ways to consider the ROI:

#1 – Consider one specific behavior you want to improve.  Maybe you have six technical people who each learn how to save 10 minutes of time a day.  Multiplying 10 minutes across a team of six techs equals one hour a day.  If a tech bills at $125/hour, and there are approximately 260 work days a year, then that is $33,125 ROI from just one behavioral improvement.

#2 – Ask yourself, “What is it worth to our company if our people strengthen one client relationship and that client buys more from us, or just stays with us longer?”  Hint: A lot of money…

Dave’s Charm School is training that should have been part of your organization from the beginning, but it’s not too late.  Subscribe today and schedule training time for your team before someone upsets another team member or client.


Dave’s Charm School has been key to growing my company and bringing my engineering staff up to a consistent level of customer service.

Before we had engineers that were good at technical tasks and not that good with customer service. Now our engineers treat our customers the way they prefer. (Our millennials especially enjoy the classes.)

We have actually measured the success of using Dave’s Charm School with CSAT scores, and we were blown away with how happy customers are now.

John Wilson, CEO, NRTC


We were early adopters of David’s ‘soft skills’ training because we saw a huge, unfilled need with our own team of technicians and engineers, and I can say it’s been great.

We have great folks, highly proficient at troubleshooting and resolving problems, but they had never had formal training on dealing with customers.

We put them through the Charm School curriculum of video training and they emerged better armed to deal with the sort of customer service challenges (and opportunities!) they face daily. I couldn’t recommend the courses enough.

Luis Alvarez, CEO, Alvarez Technology Group


In a service based business, how you interact with clients is key to continued success. The bookends of a client experience are critically important.

But how many of us have stopped and trained our people exactly how we want it done and then taken the time to give them the skills to execute well?

Dave’s Charm School is an effective tool to empower your staff to consistently deliver that great client feeling you want clients to experience every time.

Robert Betzel, CEO, Infinity Network Solutions


Technical skills are easy. Vendors require them. There are plenty of options to obtain that type of high quality training.

Soft skills is a different story. There used to be nothing for a managed service provider. Lots of generic stuff, and most of it really poor. We wanted something with examples of how to work together in a technology services company.

Dave’s Charm School is the only comprehensive training to develop the soft skills required by our Clients these days.

It not only helps our technical folks, but we do some cross-departmental training to help our people work more effectively together. Topics like No Drama and Communications 101 give you an idea of why our employees enjoy Dave’s Charm School courses. Yours will too.

Harry Curran, COO, Vertikal6


I heard of another MSP who had a tech go onsite to a client. The tech checked in with the receptionist. Did his work on the servers and left. My buddy called one of the partners at the company to ask if they were happy with the service. The partner replied, ‘Was one of your people here yesterday? I don’t think any of our people saw him.'

One of the reasons this would never happen with our tech team is because Dave’s Charm School helps us train all employees the soft skills side of business. There are actually courses on meeting (and exceeding) client expectations on remote and onsite service calls. Plus a dozen others. We train existing employees in Charm School and it's part of every new employee onboarding plan.

Dan Paquette, Managing Partner, Key Methods


Let me be candid: We use Dave’s Charm School to teach existing and new employees soft skills for one reason: It works.

I don’t have time to put this type of training together. Neither do you. So when I’ve got employees arguing, I send them back to the No Drama course on conflict and anger management. If I have someone who lacks empathy, I send them to that course. If my millennials are not grasping basic business etiquette (shocked, aren’t you), then a manager works through that course (AGAIN) with them.

The big takeaway for us is Dave’s Charm School starts the conversation with excellent knowledge transfer and learning exercises. Then we take it from there.

Ed Anderson, Managing Director, Dyrand Systems


Dave’s done it again with the Charm School learning system. He’s figured out an innovative approach mixing technology and the ability to customize our delivery of his soft skills training for our team. We can use video, audio or customize PPT content and choose desired games or exercises to reinforce with. I glad he invested his time to garner 20+ years of people management and client facing expertise and organized it into great content (one less thing on my to do list).

I know any MSP/IT shop like mine that gets through just a portion of the content will either increase their CSAT scores or identify the personnel that doesn’t match their culture. We are using to help us continue to grow our consultative nature and earn higher rates for younger team members, communicate better and grow as a team. We are a metrics driven firm and find we are always more successful when we remember technology services is all about the people.

Steve Meek, Founder and President, The Fulcrum Group


What makes one MSP better than another? We all have an ability to work long hours, find solutions for difficult problems, and engineer systems that provide the uptime our clients need. However, we all have trouble with communications. Face it, IT folks are not good at communicating.

Our company is no different, so we use Dave’s Charm School as required training for all technicians. Our people have responded very positively, and when we talk with a potential client we always bring up our industry weakness and discuss what we do to overcome it.

Just recently we hired a senior level tech and he watched close to half of the videos. He came back and said he was overwhelmed with the content and how spot on it was when dealing with techs. He said he found himself doing many of the things that the videos said we should avoid.

In my opinion we all have the knowledge, tools and processes to win over and maintain our clients. However, we don’t always have the soft skills to help win our customers over. These videos really helped our team learn how to speak non-IT lingo. Highly recommended.

Brad Wilson, CEO, Iris Solutions


We win new business because the soft skills of our sales AND technical people are better than our competition.

We keep Clients longer because the soft skills of our technical team are better than the competition.

We have better soft skills because we regularly discuss Dave’s Charm School courses.

Please do not buy Dave’s Charm School. I prefer to continue to beat my competition, including you.

Todd Bollenbach, President & CEO, GNT Solutions


ProTech is successful because we focus on talent and technology, not just the latter.

One of our challenges over the years has been developing the soft skills of our people. This is incredibly important to our success, yet we have had to do the heavy lifting of finding and developing content to teach our people more professional behaviors until Dave’s Charm School.

We use Dave’s Charm School on a regular basis with new and existing employees to train business soft skills’ basics, develop communication and relational skills, improve attitudes, and reinforce our standards for providing a consistently positive client experience.

We recommend Dave’s Charm School as a very cost-effective way to make certain the soft skills of your people match or exceed their “hard” skills in technical, sales, or operational areas.

Chris Bradley, VP Manage/Cloud Solutions, ProTech Systems Group


 These are just a few of the people who have really appreciated Dave's Charm School.

Contact us today if you would like more information.



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