The Company Culture Challenge

Zappos was broke in 1999 and in 2009 sold itself to Amazon for $1.2 BILLION. How did they do it? Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh says they succeeded then and now because of his laser focus on developing a superior company culture. The question is, how can YOU do it? This book, The Company Culture Challenge, does more than tell you how. It gives you a step-by-step strategic plan to transform your organization into a high profit leader as you learn how to fully engage your employees and serve your clients so well they can't live without you.

Sick of ideas and random strategies, entrepreneurs David Russell and Rob Betzel developed this 7-step process to transform any company culture into a team of people who take ownership for making certain clients are happy. This system is a game changer for any leadership team willing to implement it.

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Cloud Accounting: From Spreadsheet Misery to Affordable Cloud ERP

... The mounting number of angry calls signaled James and his employees were starting to lose control of the business. Their accounting software and practice of using spreadsheets to manage projects and costs was buckling under the strain of an increased client load. If the problems continued, they could destroy the company.

Would you like to leverage software to increase your profits? Cloud Accounting is a modern-day business parable that helps you understand the process of qualifying a solution to meet your needs, and whether you should subscribe to an ERP cloud product or purchase an on-premises solution. This quick read is written in the style of The One Minute Manager. It tells the story of Esther, a driven software company founder, and James, an analytical owner of a government contracting firm, who have outgrown their accounting software as they search for a way out of their accounting and spreadsheet hell.

Written for the layman, this is not a story for a technical person. It is for the executive or manager who want to better understand the cloud computing vs. on-premises computing debate. Is cloud computing secure? Is it reliable? How about performance--how quickly can you access your data? Learn the answers by reading this enjoyable story.

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Success With People

Entrepreneur, coach and employee performance management expert David Russell shares the “secret sauce” he’s cooked up over his 30 year career to effectively lead people in any type of organization in his book, Success With People.

Success With People is a 12-step program for leaders addicted to poor management habits. Wouldn't you love to transform performance reviews from a once-a-year agony into a more effective system for managing people? Written to help both new managers and those with decades of experience, Success With People is a quick read that’s easy to understand and apply in any company.

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The EHR Guru

The EHR Guru is a parable that appeals to all kinds of people in the medical profession seeking to understand what is required to most effectively implement an electronic health record ("EHR") system. Follow our protagonist, Sam, a young medical office practice manager, as he helps his doctors focus on the key issues involved in a flawless EHR implementation so it increases their profits, lowers costs, improves staff productivity, and enables them to provide superior patient care. The information contained in this gem is based on Stemp's twenty-five years of professional experience advising clients on technology and ten years advising medical practices on the evaluation, selection, and implementation of EHR systems and related technologies.

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