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The 4th and Final Secret is Sanctuary

On November 30th last year I explained how to define killer TARGETs that enable you to achieve more than ever.

Then on December 7th, you learned how to avoid unnecessary drama by defining clear expectations.

On December 14th, I shared the secret of having employees define a business plan for their success - employee strategic plans.

But I promised 4 secrets to make 2018 INCREDIBLE.

Sanctuary is a combination of mental retreat, strategic planning, and self-accountability so you stay on track to achieve your best, not just something good... or "okay."

1 Degree off-course means missing your destination

Dozens of websites explain that if you are heading off into the sunset, pursuing your dreams, yet are just off-course by only one degree, then you are in deep trouble.

After you move one foot, you will miss your target by 0.2 inches.

Not a big deal, right? But you keep moving...

After 100 yards, you are now off-course by about 5.2 feet.

Just a few steps off, but more noticeable.

After a mile, you are off by about 92.2 feet - over 30 yards.

Most of us have to travel thousands of miles to reach significance.

Let's first consider a common trip: Racing from San Francisco down to Los Angeles is about a 400 mile trip. 1 Degree off-course means you will miss the address you are trying to reach by about 6 miles.

Are you getting the picture? Staying on track is more important than speed. Focus is more important than multitasking.

Here's one more: If you fly from San Francisco to the White House in Washington, D.C. to complain to the President, but are 1 degree off-course, then you arrive on the other side of Baltimore, Maryland, about 42.6 miles away the President's security team waiting to meet you at the front door of the White House.

So how do you stay on-course?


Lee Iaccoca led an effort that saved Chrysler Corporation from bankruptcy decades ago. One of the leadership disciplines he credited for helping achieve that success was every Sunday evening he would separate himself from the family to spend two hours in his study.

He was alone. No interruptions. No email. He held himself accountable. Being inspired by Iacocca, at the end of each hunting season (week) we should do a simple three-step accountability process:

I. Score: Did I accomplish my weekly WIN this past week? (See WIN below.)

II. Help: Where do I need help, or to make adjustments to stay on track? This can be tasks, people, resources…

III. Hunt: What should be my key objectives ("WIN") for the upcoming week?

Achieving TARGETs is primarily a function of (1) Focus; and (2) Time management. Therefore the best thing you can do is to have a weekly time to focus yourself.  I call this time, Sanctuary, because it is without interruptions. (You have to make it that way.)

There can be daily and weekly times of Sanctuary. (More on this is below.)

Do NOT open your email, instant messenger, or other communication program. Turn your cell phone face down to avoid texts. Do not answer the phone. Eliminate all distractions.

Sanctuary is a reality check of each weekly hunting cycle as you strive to hit your TARGETs.

If you are on a multi-day, or week hunt it is an expedition. Sanctuary time is crucial for you to pull out your “map” and confirm you are on track to your destination. Being “off track” focusing on less important activities is deadly to your mission.

Here are some example agendas for Sanctuary time:

Daily Sanctuary / Evening

(5-15 minutes)

  1. Self-accountability for the day. How well was each task and activity completed in my plan and schedule?
  2. Review schedule with key objectives defined for the next day.
  3. Have a reality check.
  4. Make adjustments as needed.

Weekly Sanctuary

(15-120 minutes)

Self-accountability for the week

  1. Success Rate: How well was each task and activity completed in my plan and schedule?
  2. Score: Consider my score for the week of Complete versus Incomplete tasks and activities. Learned from the result, then apply what I have learned as I continue with my accountability exercises and planning for the upcoming week.
  3. My TARGETs: What needs to be in my calendar this upcoming week so that I am on track for all of my TARGETs?
  4. My Team’s TARGETs: Review the TARGETs and/or strategic plan of each direct report. Email follow-up, add to the agenda for our upcoming meeting, and/or add to my schedule for the upcoming week anything I need to do to help them achieve their TARGETs. (ADVICE: I do not have to review our Company TARGETs because they are all covered in the Leadership Team’s SP’s, however, based on my review, I may need to update some Company TARGETs as Complete, or note activity.)
  5. Expectations: Is there anyone on my team who might think I am not meeting their expectations? Is anyone on my team failing to meet my expectations? (Define tasks/activities to take action to correct, or discuss, and then take action to correct. Schedule actions in my calendar.)
  6. Cornerstones: Where did I provide clear examples of how to live out our company culture cornerstones? Where did I fail? When did I encourage someone else to demonstrate our cornerstones? (If necessary, move this to a daily check to more fully immerse myself and my team in the strengths of our culture.)
  7. 10X-100X ROI: Recognize my strengths and weaknesses. I need to spend my time doing what will grow our team / organization 10x-100X. Where did I waste time last week by not focusing on activities that have the highest return? What needs to change in the upcoming week for me to better play to strengths and eliminate weaknesses in how I am spending my time? (Define it. Calendar the activities.) Plan my schedule for the upcoming week...
  8. Review my current schedule with key objectives defined for the upcoming week.
  9. Have a reality check. Can I actually get all of this done? Do I have a healthy balance of family time and exercise? Is there anything else I can delegate? Have I forgotten anything that needs my follow-up for accountability?
  10. Make adjustments as needed.

Download my free TARGETs guide. A full explanation of Sanctuary time starts on page 14. (Part of this guide is above, but there is a lot more.)

I waited until this week to share the 4th secret, a change of plans, to hopefully avoid missing people who were on various vacations.

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