No Bad Bosses Podcast

The No Bad Bosses Podcast is hosted by MANAGEtoWIN CEO David Russell and features conversations with business leaders on how to be a great boss, how to hire great people, and how to avoid common leadership mistakes.

You may have seen our "No Bad Bosses" button floating around, hanging off a lapel or pinned to a conference-goer's shoulder strap, and wondered, "Huh..I wonder what that button means?"

For us, it is a symbol we use to proclaim our mission, vision and values.

At MANAGEtoWIN we believe our mission is to rid the world of “bad” bosses by helping our clients manage their people systematically. This involves coaching, training, consulting, and software to engage your workforce and develop a thriving company culture.


Our commitment to honor God, our family and ourselves through our work is a constant reminder for us to serve each other, our Clients, Partners, and Vendors to the best of our ability.  This is not an expression of a particular religious belief or a basis for exclusion, but rather an open invitation to everyone to serve a greater good.  It is also a mandate to deliver on our promises consistently because our actions demonstrate our true priorities.

We strive to be good stewards of the people and resources that have been entrusted to us. Achieving consistent profits while being good stewards of our resources, community, and environment are necessary for us to positively impact the lives of our team members, Clients, Partners, Vendors and indirectly their customers, families, and friends.

People are our most important asset. The growth of our business is dependent upon the development of our people. We seek to fully engage our team members based on their work-related natural strengths and values. Our development activities include on-the-job scenarios, online training, in-person workshops, career paths, coaching and mentoring to develop skills related to our job responsibilities.

We are constantly improving our services and software to better serve our Clients, Partners, and Vendors. Pursuing excellence means that simply talking about goals is not enough. Accomplishing our objectives on a regular basis to the best of our ability demonstrates Honor, Stewardship, and a commitment to our People - be they employees, Clients, Partners, Vendors, or our families, friends, and loved ones.

Be the best leadership investment our Clients ever make, and the best partner our Clients, Partners and Vendors ever have.

NOTE: Our values were inspired by reading the values of ServiceMaster Corporation and our vision was inspired by reading the advice of John DiJulius.

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